Sir Gene Speaks

0079 Sir Gene Speaks with Dude Named Ben

August 06, 2022 Gene Naftulyev Season 2022 Episode 79
Sir Gene Speaks
0079 Sir Gene Speaks with Dude Named Ben
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This is sir Jean and joining me once again is sir, dude named Ben named Ben, how are you Ben? I'm doing well, Jean. Hopefully we've got the, all the routing figured out and the Motus working since I've got one on my end now, too. Part of the fun of having motu and changing settings of course is having to constantly figure out grounding. Yeah, it, it was definitely a little bit of a challenge after I had it working. And then you told me no, no, do it this way. And then we had to figure it all out again. So it's all good. Well, that was on purpose, you know? yeah, no, I think, I think it is all good. No, it's good. I've got the I've got the routing saved in a file and downloaded and put away for cold and rainy day. Good. Yeah. I mean, that is a good thing. You can save those files out, but people don't want to hear about motu settings. What the, hell's that all about? What do we audio talk with? Darren and Jean? Well, you know, I was supposed to backfill for you on unrelenting, but Darren decided to, that's great to show off. And then we were supposed to record yesterday with Ben rose and he never got back to me. And so now you and I are recording on a different day message from him saying, well, I don't really get up on weekends. So I guess he sleeps throughout the entire weekends. Ben marrow is. I can either confirm nor deny this rumor. Well, let's hope so. I, I hope you're not in there with him. definitely not. But that was my impression is he basically said, well, hold on weekend. No, no, I don't get up on the weekends. I only get up during the week. And of course Darren decided to take a day off when he found out that I was off traveling rather than doing a show with somebody else. So I guess he just doesn't want to do one without me. It's all good. I can just be mildly offended and we can all move on with our lives. yeah. Well, usually you're mildly offensive, but this time, I guess you're mildly offended. Yeah. Yeah, man. So I was at a health conference thing event. I don't even know what to call it, but it was fun. I was I had somewhat low expectations. I knew I was gonna do a full body scan and become a cartoon character. No, just kidding. No like a cat cat scan, full body scan kind of thing, but actually got a lot more than that. Done. Got a brain MRI, got a full body scan that creates a 3d map of all the insides of your body with all the organs looks raining kind of abnormalities. Even to the point of. Detecting like, blockages or plaque inside of arteries, which is a very good thing to know about, well, with all of this, did they ever finally figure out what's wrong with you? Yeah, they, they realized I've been dead for a number of years. Nobody really asked, I guess, and you know, once they did the scan, they thought, well, hold on you, you, you don't really have a functional insights. How are you still alive? And then I had to bite them all in the neck and make sure they don't talk about it ever again. But yeah, it was, it was good. I mean, they certainly, there's a couple of things that were brought to my attention to health wise. Nothing too crazy, nothing I wasn't somewhat aware of, you know, high cholesterol. Yes. We all have high cholesterol. I don't like taking the cholesterol pills and it seems like there's more and more studies coming out that statins are actually bad for you. Terrible. It may help with cholesterol, but they screw up a bunch of other things. It's, it's kind of like, and not only that, but you know, your brain needs cholesterol, mm-hmm and you know, people who talk about dietary cholesterol and everything else, your liver has more to do with what ends up in your blood absolutely. Than anything you eat. Yeah. That's very true. And you will produce cholesterol, like even if you're not eating it. So yeah. I mean, it's, it's required for, you know, your brain, so yes, your body will most, most organs, but your most of your God, what's the word I'm thinking of? Like all the enzymes and stuff your body produces like, hormones. Yeah, hormones. That's the word? Yeah. Most of your hormones are produced from cholesterol as the initial building block cholesterol, iodine, and pregnant alone. Mm-hmm ah, sorry. Had a sip of tea there. So ality, it's not like you could just not have any cholesterol on you. That would be a very bad thing. So did a full blood analysis that tech looked at, I think 60 different charact of the blood, and then also a 52 varieties of cancer cancer. Hey, Jean, can you pause cuz apparently I need to go answer the door for groceries. Oh, go ahead. I'll just keep talking. That's fine. Okay. We'll we'll have fun time without you here, Ben. I'm sure ordering groceries is a high priority. Well, actually we know it's a high priority because I order groceries during the podcast. So it's this very much a regular part of the show now that Ben's gone. So here's the inside scoop guys. We're really close to spinning off our show together. And with Surine speaks once again, becoming my solo podcast without any cohost, hopefully on the more or less regular schedule, although I do reserve the right to move it backwards and forwards a little bit, or even coming out with more than one episode a week if I have the time to do so, which I think I will soon, but we are still working on the name soon as the name will be done. As soon as we have agreement on the name, let's put it that way. Ben will set up a website cuz I'm gonna pretend, I don't know anything about technology and websites and things and just kinda leave it up to him to take care of all that stuff. Like I did with Darren and had Darren set up the website for that podcast. Cause you know, I mean, I'm just, I'm just a demo COO here. I don't know anything techy related stuff. So I'm gonna have to rely on my show partners to take care of all that stuff. Once that happens. What was that show type? Nothing. What, how are you back? Hello? How are you? Good accepted. The HEB just said they delivered my groceries, but then didn't because then that's funny. I have all these groceries sitting outside my door for some reason from HEB. I wonder what could be happening? No. Hi hack your HEV account. Ha. It would be hard for them to deliver from, you know, ed it's the same system. Yeah. Anyway, so I ran down there because they needed an ID for, you know, beer and I got a text message and literally said, Hey, I gotta go walk downstairs, walked out. Mm-hmm I got a picture of the groceries. They didn't bother you checking your ID. No, they, they just, they didn't, they just left. I, I mean I less than 60 seconds. My God. How long are you expecting to make? Come on. You're not there in 10 seconds. What do you think you're gonna just stand there and not deliver other people's stuff. Okay. Hmm. Well anyway. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Well, I was just letting our, now they're here, so I we're gonna have to start this over. Yeah. Oh no, we're fine. I I'm having fun conversation with our listeners. You just go, go take care of business. Oh my God. All that's all good. Go ahead. Go ahead. All right. Like I was saying soon as we get him to build a website and we'll have a name greet to we'll spin that show off. What I'll do is I'll, I'll probably play both my solo shows, which we'll keep on going, moving forward on. Sir, Jean speaks as well as my shows with Ben on they'll be both on their own site and their own IRS feed. And I'll do, I don't know, maybe the first 10 episodes on this feed as well, just to make sure everybody has an opportunity to subscribe. We'll, we'll make sure we give people reminders to sub the new show that we're gonna do together. But also if somebody hadn't gotten round to it, we don't want you missing up. So, so they'll, they'll still be showing up on the surgeon speaks feed. And then, you know, then I'll be doing three shows a week, still a lot less than what Darren does. I think he's on six days a week. But I hate more than well, no, no, no, actually it wouldn't be more than Adam cuz Adam does do four shows per week. So yeah, it'd still be less than four. I don't know, man, like three to me already feels like it's gonna be a lot. I couldn't really imagine doing a show four days a week that would start feeling like work. And of course, big thing that everybody that's listening here, I'm sure. Already knows. Certainly if you listen for more than episode is unlike all the other podcasts out there. I'm not actually asking anybody for money. I mean, you know, you wanna throw money at me. I'm not gonna refuse it, but there's really no call to action for any kind of donations or anything in this. And part of the reason for that guys is because while the show does cost money, I I'd say it averages about Hm, a hundred bucks a month for all my costs. It, it's not really gonna make a dent. If you all donate or if I just pay that myself and there's not enough of you to donate enough that I can actually count this on any kind of income. So rather than trying to have a you know, spending minutes and minutes talking about how, oh, can you please donate money to the show? And we'd really appreciate knowledge, Jess. Ah, it's just not worth it. I'm not gonna do it. And I think you guys probably appreciate the fact that we don't have those money begging segments happening in the show. And look, if I, if I get to the point where my hosting is costing more because. 50,000 of you downloading every episode. Be sure I will talk about it and I'll say, Hey guys, I'm now paying 400 bucks a month for hosting the show. It'd be cool. If some of y'all start donating and helping me offset that for the time being, ah, just not really a necessity. And I think Ben probably feels the same way. It shows when they're small, there's just no real reason to ask people for donations. Yeah. I mean you back. Yes. Oh, okay. Good. Oh, sorry about that, everyone. And no, I don't think anyone noticed we're gonna have to edit, but anyway, it says you great. Thanks. Thanks GE mm-hmm no, we had a nice little conversation amongst us, which you miss, but that's all right. Uhhuh. What was that about a website? Oh, I dunno. You might have to listen to that. So to find out, apparently stay tuned. So what's what's new and happening in the world. Since I was gone, I was really disconnected the like off the internet, off the grid, you know, in a secret private location where they're doing all kinds of like super exclusive medical procedures and everyone's running around getting stem cells implanted in themselves. My favorite fun time. My favorite news story of the week is China threatening to shoot down Nancy Pelosi's plane. If she goes to Taiwan, that that's my favorite. Now we have to be careful because. I think calling for the assassination of a sitting, I'm calling for it. I'm just, saying's not a good thing. First of all, she's a Congresswoman, second of all, I'm not calling for anything. I'm just saying what China said. Right? Right. But as a reporter talking about to what China has said, it is a very interesting story with consequences that may or may not end up actually coming to fruition. Were it to happen? Yeah. Well, the really interesting thing is as of this morning Taiwan is no longer on her agenda. What, you're kidding. She removed Taiwan from her trips agenda. So basically she just totally just, you know, succumbed to China's demands. it's certainly what it appears like China is running the us government. Yep. This is how the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a whimper. Yeah, that is interesting. So, but she's still flying somewhere where I thought the only place she was flying was to Taiwan. Oh no, she's going through Southeast Asia, so, oh, so she still going to Hawaii then? Probably. Yes. Uh, But anyway, I just thought it was interesting maybe. Yeah. Well, what was interesting though is China's direct comment was, you know, Don. Don't play with fire unless you expect to be burned, right? Mm mm-hmm which is fairly substantial. In addition to that, China and Russia have announced that they're going to be creating a new reserve currency to tackle the us dollar that will be based off of rare earth minerals. So, well, that seems smart. Yeah, but it kinda sucks if you're an American, I guess. I mean, our, our whole economy is gonna collapse imminently, but, but it is a good move on the Russia's part. Well, it definitely could hurt the economy pretty badly. Depending I, I mean last time someone tried to trade oil and much less be a full reserve currency for the world, you know, we kind of killed Kadafi so mm-hmm, mm-hmm it's gonna be interesting to see what the us response to this move is going to be. Well, one VA's all in joining bricks. Mm-hmm because the UK has decided to steal a billion dollars worth of womens Vale and gold. Ha I not tracking that one. The story. Nope. Yeah. So the when, well, like most countries has reserves that are sitting in other countries for doing large. Financial trades. Right? Right. And they have gold sitting as reserves in the UK, roughly in the amount of 1 billion or maybe it's a billion pounds, but eh, there's not much difference these days. Right. But it's right around there. And apparently the UK muckety muck government person in charge of things like this has just come out and said that they recognize the party that lost in the last election, which was supported by the west as being the legitimate government, Venezuela, not the actual government that's in the country. Mm-hmm and are giving that party in exile, full access to the reserve funds sitting in the UK. Okay. So that's an act of war. Well, I mean, the us can already open this can by saying, Hey, we can, we can take money from anybody else's reserves and lock 'em in. Yeah. I mean, Jesus, that, that's just such a step so far. I mean, I, I, I get that it's a small country and the UK is kind of pushing its weight around, but you know, you can lobby for whichever government you want, but ultimately when that government loses you know, the, the right of the people to choose their form of government should be Sacra sanct. Well, it's not even about the right of the people. It's, it's just reality. Like you can still say that the, the communist revolution in China was bad and therefore you're not going to recognize it. And you're gonna consider Taiwan to be the legitimate government of China, but a very large shadow cast by reality will somewhat make your opinion irrelevant. Yeah. Because whether you like it or not, China is controlled by that revolutionary communist government. Yep. And, and it's unfortunate. I think the government in Taiwan is a far better one. I wish the, I would love to say unified China under the Taiwan use government, but you know, it's, it's still a ha the government. Mm. Well, regardless the communist Chinese party is pretty bad. Yeah. I mean, we're certainly not going to be sporting any kind of Chi communist Chinese or otherwise. But I think, again, there's a point at which. Statements of opinion have to be superseded by the reality of the world. Well, any policy has to certainly follow reality, not what you wish for. Yeah. And if you pretend that reality doesn't exist, those, those pretend feelings may end up getting you into world Wari. Well if those pretend feelings, don't certainly the reserve currency and threatening to shoot down a the, you know, third in line for the presidency of the United States. Yeah. And I clearly Pelosi has no interest in becoming a martyr. It would appear to be the case. Would you rather, she sure a martyr? No, not at all. I just, you know, I, I just can't believe California keeps voting her in well, California is California. I mean, we kind of what's, what's actually, to my to me a lot more amazing isn't that California keeps voting Nancy Pelosi in, but that the house of representatives keeps the speaker dude. She has to have so much dirt on everyone to be able to, you know, Keep that going. That's a, it's amazing. It it'd be sort of like taking your most edge case member and saying, yeah, that's gonna be the person that we want to represent our entire party. So once she goes, I think that'd be Eli Omar, or, yeah. That's what I'm saying. I think once Pelosi's out of there, it'll probably be AOC. She'll be the speaker of the house. And then, you know, the, oh God, you don't think no, no. Oh man. A lot of people like her, she's young, most people that are under 30 would rather vote for somebody young than for somebody that has any good ideas. Yeah. I'm all for getting the boomers out of there and moving in some rational. Uh mm-hmm you know, people but not, not her man. No, just no. Yeah. I think people under you're destroying my faith in humanity. If she elected. I, I hope so. I'm I keep working on that. I'm trying to destroy everybody's faith in humanity, cuz that's gonna be the only time that people are gonna be willing to actually recognize what has happened to this country and to do something about it. Because until that happens, while people still have a faith in humanity, they keep thinking that this is just a bad dream and we're gonna wake up and Trump will be president and the world will be fixed. Well, I think that if Trump runs again, he will be president again. That said you know, did you see today that New York declared monkey PS, a medical emergency did not? No. Yes. So city of New York or New York state has declared monkeypox medical emergency. And when I say the city of New York are New York state, it's functionally the same thing, but the cases are all in New York city surprise, surprise. Interesting. They have a fourth of all the cases in the us. Wow. Yeah. But you know, this is something that's spread through pro close personal contact, and, you know, people are talking about it only being in the gay community. How many things like that cases are there in the us? I don't even know. Thousand, total hundred thousand 5,000 total. Oh, 500 oh 5,000. Okay. Actually more than I would expect how many people are eating monkey brains. Well, it, our, you know, my, my question is, Hm. Anyway, how many people are so immunocompromised from what that this is an issue at. Well, I know you're not supposed to eat monkey brains, but I guess maybe some exotic restaurants in New York are serving it or something. What do you think? No. What I'm thinking is that you know, the, the population that is mainly getting this are very woke and they're very what would I, how, how can I put it that most likely to be vaccinated? So I don't know. Oh, okay. My, my thinking is that this has been kind of omnipresent. It's not very easily spread and a lot of people are immunocompromised enough that, you know, it's spreading and that's why we're seeing it throughout the world. But you know, who knows now, that's not to say that someone who's not immunocompromised, can't get it because historically, you know, this has been kind of background, radiation, noise level stuff. This is not something new, this, you know, came about in the 1950s, I believe. Hmm. Well, they, why did they call it monkey P because it originated in monkeys that were being tested on. So it's a, it's a, another Fauci disease. No, this predates Fauci, wasn't he just starting out his his practice of testing and disease on animals and dogs and things back in the fifties. Oh, I don't, FCIs not that old. He's 86 mm-hmm and possibly, I mean, I couldn't imagine anybody else doing. He is signs, you know, mm-hmm he said, so yeah, the first human cases. So it was identified in monkeys. Well, before then first human case first detected 1950s in laboratory monkeys. So it started in laboratory monkeys, which is interesting. And then the first human case was in the seventies. Yeah, that is interesting. Well, you know, I guess we'll find out how much it spreads. Do you think people are going to be super willing to start triple max triple maxing and putting their masks back on as a result of this? Well, it's not an airport disease, so I don't know. Does that matter? probably not. Of course not. You, at this point, any disease that's identified clearly means you have to start masking. Yes. Well, yeah. I, I don't know, man. I'm sure there'll be plenty of people who rush out to go get vaccinated from this, but, and, you know, depending on the vaccine and everything else that's been around for a while, maybe. But it's gonna have to start spreading a hell a lot more than this before I'd ever even consider it. Consider getting it or consider getting vaccinated, consider getting vaccinated. Yeah. You know, just like smallpox or anything else. If smallpox were still a thing, then, you know, yeah. I might get a smallpox vaccine, but you know, same reason why I'm not letting my son get the polio vaccine. Mm-hmm you know, the odds of him getting polio in the United States is functionally zero. There hasn't been a case transmitted in the us since the 1970s. So now I thought polio is a virus. It is. Yeah. So it doesn't have to be in the United States. I, what do you mean? Well, I mean, it could be you know, a lab in China and then gets transmitted to the United States. Sure. But we haven't seen a person to person, transmission of polio in the United States since the seventies. Well, alphabetically, we're not there yet. Yeah, sure. Give it a while. Okay. Yeah. Hmm. In fact, most of the polio cases throughout the world at this point are actually not wild strains. They are strains from vaccinated people, shedding virus. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Which I think is true with a lot of diseases, including the flu. I don't know. I've never had a flu shot ever in my life. Yeah. I've had the flu once. You've probably only spread it once then instead of every year being asymptomatic, I've literally had the flu once in my entire life. Now you've had COVID though, right? I did have COVID. Yes. Yeah. So there you go. You know, it's, it's interesting. That Adam's had it twice now because he, I dunno if he's had it twice. Well, he says he's sick with it now. Yeah. You haven't been listening, but yeah, I know, but there are I've I've got a number of friends that claim to have long COVID. I'm not sure it's actually COVID no, this isn't long COVID Tina's friend got sick. She got sick. Then he got sick. Well, are they sure? It's COVID apparently they tested positive for it, so, mm. Yeah. And that's the thing is the test and things like that. Yeah. Yeah. I think we're gonna have a default finger pointing at COVID. Now every time somebody gets sick for something other than the cold, it's just, it's easy because there's a protocol. Yeah. There are plenty of viruses out there that we don't have protocols for, which are not commonly identified, but which still behave similarly. Hell, there's plenty of spike protein viruses aside from COVID. So I'm regardless, you know, you can call into question the testing and everything else, but you know, the point that I've made multiple times is everyone who I know who other than Adam that has had COVID more than once mm-hmm is fully vaccinated and, and boosted boost, which boost, but you know, well, incidentally, there was people that had COVID just recently at the event that was at mm-hmm So we'll see if I get COVID, but the reason why I say this is because there's an inherent selection bias because the people who are vaccinated and boosted are far more likely to test if they have any reason to, for COVID mm-hmm so therefore they're going to find it more often. Right? Mm-hmm so I think we see that selection bias in the vaccinated and those who are willing to just test, test, test. And it's like, why, you know, I mean, at this point, yeah. I just, I don't get why anyone would do a COVID test. Well, and certainly having, if it's actually, COVID having COVID for a second time, while it's not impossible, it should be much, much milder because you already have the appropriate immunoresponse to COVID encoded. So it's just a matter of those. Blood cells getting turned on. Mm, well, you know, I, regardless you know, the only reason why I tested for COVID at all when we first, when we got, it was one, it was earlier on and two my wife was pregnant at the time, so mm-hmm, wanted to know. Yeah, well, she wanted to know. And yeah, so I obliged her, but otherwise I, I, it just, the fear mongering that has been placed on the American people for the last several years is just absolutely insane. It's nuts. And I, you know, I tested just cuz I got sick and I wanted to know whether I need to take COVID related stuff or not. And the first two tests that I did were negative, it was only the third one that came back positive. But by the time that third test came back positive, I was very feeling, very lethargic and just wanting to sleep and you know, my like I wasn't coughing, I never felt typical kind of cold response mm-hmm but I definitely felt like I was tired and my lungs were breathing very shallow. Yeah. You know, it's it, it's funny cuz when I had COVID my parents got it. I got it. Lindsey got it all at the same time and we ended up. My parents and I, you know, getting doctors and prescriptions and, you know, breathing treatments and ivermectin and all that. And you know, I didn't really do the breathing treatments cuz I never got that bad, but I wanted to have it in case, you know, mm-hmm whatever reason and Lindsay being pregnant and everything else, she didn't do anything. And she recovered faster than any the rest of us. That's interesting. Yeah. It just goes to show you that medicine is so individual and yeah. Anyway. Yeah, no, that's totally true. And I, I tell you, I, I definitely think that there's gonna be, I don't wanna, I don't wanna be hyperbolic can call it a revolution, but I will say that my eyes have definitely been open to stem cell medicine. Mm-hmm and all the, the go ahead. Well, all the all the potential uses and the studies that are currently being done, which means we're still a decade away from any kind of mainstream use of it. But if you allow the body to get the supplies to naturally fight, not just viruses and bacteria, but to fight problems that your body has even as part of. If you provide those materials to the body, it will take care of the repair job. Yeah. Have you looked at bio QQ? No. You should it's then Alex Jones product. No, it's a Japanese product. Think Alex has a supplement with it in it, but it's a pretty interesting thing on regrowing telomeres. Mm-hmm which, you know, theoretically is impossible. Yeah. One of the guys was talking about that. That sounded like bullshit to me. So I didn't really pay attention to much. Well, I mean, it there's a lot of research, but before we get too far away from it, I just wanted to point out that, you know, with the move that New York is making, I'm very curious to see, are they going to Institute a two weeks to slow the spread? Mm. Do you think they're I mean, they're declaring a public health emergency, so they're, they're getting ready to, they don't do that without you know, it, it will be interesting to see if a, they try it and B if it's effective or if people just say no I hope, I hope to God that people just say no, but we'll see. Yeah, we'll see you guys. But who the hell wants to live in New York anyway? A after the last few years, I can't imagine anyone with more than a few brain cells. So yeah, exactly. You know, that said, you know, people may be from there, they may love it. They may they're there's whatever. But I've got a work colleague that, you know, the they're up in Rochester and they, they wanna get them and their families outta New York, just because of how much New York city runs the entire state. Oh, I would totally, yeah. I would leave there in a heartbeat. Just don't come to Texas. They're pretty conservative. So I think you'd be all right. Yeah. I, all these immigrants says the immigrant immigrants coming to Texas to change our way of life and take germs says the says the immigrant well, I'm here. What are you talking about? Yes, but you I'm a Texan. You didn't even Jean you you're from a town and a country that no longer exists. That's correct. And then I'm a Texan. Therefore that's exactly right. Yes, man. With no past speaking of Alex Jones, you've been watching any of the trial. Just briefly, just a little bit, some Owen Schroer's testimony and yep. A couple of other things. I've been following I listened to some of what Alex had to say about it on Michael mall's podcast, which is definitely worth listening to, yeah. I don't know. I, I malice just come there, rubs me the wrong way. Well, it depends on who his guest is, but you know, I it's him. That rubs me the wrong way. Not his guests. Well, I'm just saying Marmar kind of persona mm-hmm like, like I just wish he'd finally just come out. What do you mean outta the closet? He is, well, he is, when do you do that? A while back. Oh, why did I miss that episode? But it's just, there's something about him that just reminds me of a dude pretending to be straight. I mean, I've, it's not a, I don't think it's been on his podcast, but I mean, I think it's been fairly well known that he was that. Yeah. And I don't care. Maybe I'm assuming the issue well, and that's the thing, right. Is it's so fricking obvious, but it's obvious in the way that I've remember from a number of folks over the years that I've known that like clearly gay, but keep insisting that they're straight and that's the attitude I'm getting from him. Mm-hmm So, I don't know. I mean, if he did, then that's awesome. And I need to just readjust my focus and you know, give him a pass. But right now that it there, it's just, I just kind of seems like everything that he's saying is someone tainted by this, you know, persona that is pretending to be somebody else. Mm-hmm I mean, apparently this question is out there, so I don't know. Maybe I am, maybe I am. Are you assuming his sexuality? Is that what you're saying? Maybe. Yeah. I clearly am because it's, but it's pretty obvious that he's gay, but, but that, and that's not the issue. The issue is the, the pretending to be straight part, you just don't like him cuz he is Ukrainian. Well, no that has nothing to do with it. I did. I didn't like him way before there was anything happening in Ukraine. actually him and Alex talked about the Ukrainian conflict on that. Yeah. Yeah, it was it was good. It was worth listening to now there are plenty of people that think that Alex is gay. Maybe for Blair white, but I mean, that episode was kill. I don't think cast man, you know? Well, did you see the episode of him on her show where he got drunk and fell asleep? Yeah, that was hilarious. I mean, if that's not a subliminal oh no. I've fallen asleep and can't do anything about you raping me fantasy. I don't know what it is. oh man. I don't know. I don't know. Ah, yeah. He's also got a little bit going on. So yeah, he does. And, and you know, I like Alex, but he's never come to my birthday parties. Oh, heaven forbid why? I mean, why would you expect him to gene? Well, why wouldn't he? That's all I'm saying, because the hell are you that he would come into your birthday party, man? I'm the guy that invited him Uhhuh, Uhhuh, Uhhuh. So there I've been watching the trial. He decided he didn't wanna associate with KGB agents. Oh really? And that's why he hired a, a Russian producer. Okay. No, he's totally an asset dude. Everybody knows that he's he's working for Putin for Putin. Yeah. He wanted to Putin's boys Uhhuh. Everybody knows it. Just like you carry water, you know, everybody's gotta do their part. Yeah. Yeah. And he's, you know, he was doing his part, but now he got in trouble. So I've been watching the trial a little bit. I can't say that I've. A whole lot of time watching the entirety of the trial. But now that this whole sun, or I guess why it's not really sentencing, it's the whole like determination of the the, the payout thing is happening. I will say that clearly in my humble opinion, the judge is Uber biased. The judge should not be presiding over this trial. She, she has a very particular disdain towards the entirety of the Alex Jones crew should be recused. I would call for mistrial at the end of the thing. If I was them second point, Alex Jones has a God awful attorney. I dunno where the hell he found this guy, what the deal is, but this guy does not object when there are clear objections to be made. And the objections he does make are not concise enough to really push the point. And every single objection that he is made so far has been overruled, literally every single one. Well, so I, I know that he had issues retaining very ineffective retaining counsel. I know the counsel, the lawyer he had for many years end up leaving him under pressure, but yeah. Who knows? Yeah. I mean maybe, but. The, the lawyer for the other side is very good. He is, you know, he's obviously doing a good job working for the, the bad guys in this situation. But but he is head and shoulders above the quality of lawyer that Alex has. Every, every single question that he has starts with a statement combined with a, would you not agree? And, and that is the easiest way listed programming. Exactly. It's the easiest way to trip people up and get them to admit things that are actually not the case and then be on record and under oath while admitting to him. Mm. So, so two questions. Yeah. One, do you think Alex Jones is bill Hicks? No, no. Come on. There's so much, there's so much there. Mm-hmm two. Is he just opposition? No. The reason why I ask is, I mean, I grew up listening to Alex Jones, man. I I've of course he didn't. I've known who Alex Jones was for a very long time. My parents, well, why doesn't he, he come to you? Well then if you've known him so well, why isn't he coming to my. I I've known who he was. I didn't say I knew him personally. Mm-hmm but anyway the, the thing I have always struggled with on Alex is he puts out a lot of really good information, but he does it in such a bombastic way as to really remove legitimate regarding the frogs gate. Exactly. Yeah. Versus saying atrazine causes X, Y, Z mm-hmm so, yeah, I mean, it it's, it's exactly that, that just kind of makes me wonder, and he's not a dumb guy. Like he underst understands the, the, the terminology and, and the effect and the background of all this mm-hmm he just chooses to play this bombastic character. Yes, absolutely. So I don't know. It's it's again, he puts out a lot of really good stuff and has for a very long time. So I, you ever did, did you also listen to Michael? What's the guy's name? Savage. Yeah. Michael Savage, a little bit of the same kind of character thing going on. Not really cuz he was too, you know, alien and yeah, just that would never put out real information in my mind. Yeah. I've listened to him on occasion in the past, haven't listened for probably a decade. I, I had the very similar feeling about him. It's like this, guy's gotta be controlled position because yeah, him and, and who's the reptile guy, the reptile guy, which guy? British guy. Video's got banned off of YouTube, British guy. I think I know who you're talking about, but I can't remember his name. Damnit. Yeah. It'll come to us. Yeah. Yeah. Oh shit. But it's, it's one of those, what? Breaking news. Go ahead. Michelle. Nichols is dead from star Trek. Yep. Passed away at 89 today. Michelle Nichols. Michelle Nichols. Yeah. With an N yes. Okay. It sounded like you said Michelle with an M sorry. Anyway, regardless she uh, passed away. Well, it's sad. I, I always think her good run, but yeah, no, it's not a bad age. Did she die? From non COVID related diseases? I haven't looked at, just popped up. I mean, I guess default these days is COVID, but mm-hmm maybe she didn't might have got hit by a car. Yeah, I mean, I knew she had some health problems and other things, so yeah. I, I wouldn't speculate that, you know, she had the first interracial kiss on television. Yep. Her and William Shatner, William Shaer dude. I shattering the barriers I've seen with the exception of stir Trek discovery, just cuz mm-hmm it's that bad that I can't get into it. I've seen every episode of star Trek ever produce. Oh you're I know that. Yeah. Strange new worlds is really actually good by the way. I gotta say it makes up for a lot of the side. I saw the first episode and it looked like it was heading in the right direction. Yeah. I mean, even prodigy is better than discovery, which says a lot when it animated Nickelodeon star Trek episodes, before Disney bought you that Disney didn't buy star Trek. Well, whoever bought him that sucks before that happened, I watched all of, yeah. You know, before all the reboot bullshit. Yeah. Well, but unlike a lot of people, I actually really enjoyed the enterprise. I, I did too. I, I felt like enterprise. First of all, I like Scott Baula right? Yeah. Quantum leap and all that. Yeah. Mm-hmm And I liked the alien chick. She was hot. I mean, Vulcan chick I mean, didn't say alien, I guess. Yeah. Well, I think, I think there was a lot of promise that enterprise could have brought I think they cut it short. I, I think it just took way too long to find it stride. It did, it was finally finding season stride all over the place mm-hmm and then they slowly started getting the crew to right. And then the time war thing, and they tried to just do too big of an arc and yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. But I think that that was a show that could have, and should really been the long running series be because it really was the bridge between the current world and history and the star Trek world in history. Yep. And it was the tech was appropriate. It wasn't a re reimagining of star Trek of the original star Trek. Right. It was a direct connection between the original star Trek and the modern world. Yep. And, you know, getting rid of the transporter trope in, you know, mm-hmm, that it was really shotty technology and they really, you know, didn't use it for humans. It was mainly cargo and didn't have shields and everything else, and, you know, lots of aliens, much better equipped than we were lots of, lots of really cool points to move on. Yeah. Things that would make sense in that type of transition. And it, it totally makes sense if we get to the point where we are starting to use matter transmitters, obviously we're not gonna do it with living objects first. Wow. They'll they'll be years of time that have to pass to get the safety to the point of living object. Iation yeah. Well, you've got to overcome the uncertainty principle first, so but you don't for, for just non-living things you can sure. You do. No, because you're not making anec replica, you're making a close replica. You don't have, because it doesn't matter. See if you, if I wanna transport let's say a pound of gold from here to there. The exact arrangement of the electrons within the atoms is not going to matter. Well, I'm not even worried about the electrons. I'm worried about atoms inside of like a hydrocarbon chain. So if you're talking about a pure element, like gold, that's where you start and where you don't care about any discrepancies mm-hmm sure. Probably you're good. But when you're talking about something complex, like transporting gasoline or, you know, some biological, you're kinda making my point for me, which is that you start with the most primitive and you work your way up to living substances. Yeah. But so, but so the Heisenberg and certainty principle, basically, just to point it out is you can know a a subatomic subatomic scale item either. It's speed, it's location speed or direction. Yeah. But you can't know both because by measuring it, you inherently change it. Yeah, exactly. And so for things that don't require an exact measurement, you can use the replicators kind of like we, you know, we were using replicators for food dispensation. Mm. Well, anyway, regardless it is gonna be a long way off. I don't know. I Don. I don't, I don't know that it's gonna be that long. Cuz we're like, they don't need to be faster than light. We gotta have slower than light. All, all transporter is, is a scanner and a replicator mm-hmm and the data stream in between the two that's all it's mm-hmm and what happens when the original copy isn't destroyed and now there are two. Yeah. And there have been episodes relating to that paradox. And there's in fact the best representation of that I think was in the movie about the magician. What was the movie called? With the Batman actor. What's his name? The British dude. I'm not following who played Batman. Who's British. I have no idea who is in the American psycho again, not tracking. Okay. Well people will know who I'm talking about. yeah, there's a Mo if you look at his IMDB mm-hmm he was in the movie about magic that I will probably remember the name of at some point during the podcast. Michael Kane was another guy in that movie and Hugh Jackman was the third guy in that movie and he plays a magician. And one of the characters in the movie in fact, played by David Bowie was Nicola Tesla. Mm. Okay. And and this, this magician, one of the magicians hires Tesla to help him create a teleportation magic trick, a trick where the magician can teleport from the back of the theater to the stage in literally a second. And Tesla is having lots of trouble doing this, but eventually he does create a manner transporter. The only problem with it is it does not disassemble the original it's simply a replicator. Hmm. And so they had to devise a way to prevent there from just being an increasing number of duplicates. And the, what they did in that movie was they basically dump the original into a VAT of water and seal him in there to drown and thereby end up with just the copy. And the copy effectively becomes the original. For the next time. Yeah. And anyone who copied a bunch of VHS tapes in the nineties knows how well that story ends well, but you have to understand that Tesla was a genius Uhhuh. Well, it certainly was. I mean, create, I mean, the AC motor design on motors. Well, the, I, I mean, you, you realize him getting the AC motor to function mm-hmm and function, the way it still does to today is just absolutely astonishing. Yeah. And he's had a number of inventions, like the charge pads for your iPhones. And of course the Tesla vehicle he's there are a lot I can't even, I can't even say it with a straight face. I'm sorry. But it's true. All these, all these things have built upon the work of Tesla from a hundred years ago. Yeah. To a large, large degree. Yeah. And he did even a lot of work with hydraulics. He he did work on rocket nozzles. He did work on a lot of areas outside of electricity as well. He was just a very, I'm only familiar with his work on electricity. Oh, well he did a lot of other work as well. Okay. He's just a brilliant, brilliant guy. Great movie to watch if you get the chances, the current wars, the current wars. Okay. Mm-hmm yeah. It's all about AC versus DC and. Oh, about how Edison kills elephants, you mean? Yep. Mm-hmm, let's tell people what that was all about. Well, you know, just trying to show that alternating current was dangerous and electrocuting elephants versus DC. And you know, the problem with DC of course, is transmission accepted. Extremely high voltage is very inefficient. Right? So, and why is it inefficient? Line loss and cabling size requirements? Uh mm-hmm so, unless you basically take the amage to nothing and convert everything to extremely high voltage DC transmission just is not really feasible and extremely high voltage DC is extremely dangerous. And why is it dangerous because of static? Yeah. I mean, induced charge everything else. I mean, there's, there's lots of things. So, you know, inducted, isn't that what we use? What do you mean? Don't we use really high voltage DC for transmission. No. Power grid is AC oh, it's AC. Yes. What do you, what, what do you use the DC for? I thought something was really high voltage DC. So we have DC ties between the grids SoCo to east, west and south mm-hmm you know, we have DC ties there to provide asynchronous transmission. So one of the things people don't understand about the power grid is everything has to be synced. Every the power grid is operating on, you know, a 60 her frequency, imperfect alignment, more or less within fractions of a Hertz. Yes. Well, I've got these devices here that measure that, and sometimes it dips it will not dip below 59.5 hurts that's dip. Yeah. But anything below 59.5 Hertz is gonna trip things off. But anyway, so we have DC ties for synchronization purposes the solar fields and a lot of the wind used DC locally. But once it connects to the grid, the interconnect there is AC mm-hmm So what are, what are the what's the voltages and the specs on the, the high voltage transmission lines? I mean there's variable types. What, what big, tall ones you see that are really long distances? Well, again, that's gonna depend, so if you're talking main, main transmission voltages I mean, are you talking about locally? Are you talking like north south corridor? Okay. I just looked it up high voltage transmission lines, 345,000 volts. Yeah. 3 45 KV, but I mean, four 20 KV can also be used in transmission. So mm-hmm, there's more than 5 million miles of local distributed high voltage lines. Okay. That's why I was looking for it. I just, you know, a rough idea for folks on just how high of a voltage we're talking about. Right. But you, I mean, over a thousand KV is also, you know, high voltage, DC is like a thousand KB mm-hmm and then ultra high voltage AC is, you know, 800 KB ish. So it depends on the, you know, primary, secondary transmission and various uses. Right? So it depends if you're talking here in the us somewhere else and who the operator of the line is and what the purpose is. So for instance, most transmission is gonna be in that 300 KB range, but some of it can be much higher than that depending, you know, so four 20 is, and these are all common and DC is not used for transmission below like 800 KV, realistically mm-hmm Got it, but high voltage DC. The only way it's really efficient is over a thousand KV thousand kilovolts I'm sorry, a thousand. Kilovolts a thousand. Yes mm-hmm. so really a gig volt. Yes. Why don't they just call 'em gig alts instead of a thousand KV? Because everything's measured in KV. It it's like, if I say something's, you know, 1600 megawatts, why don't wanna say 1.6 gigawatts, you should. Okay. Well, we could also talk about the Tets that are used, but we don't. We should. Yeah, I understands just the way human vernacular works though. You know, practice, we call 'em kilobytes, gigabytes megabytes, you know, I mean, terabytes, we don't call it 10,000 megabytes. Okay. Right. Well, I'm just telling you the local, I terms fix it. Change the way that everybody talks about this stuff. I I'll get right on that. All right. Good. That's what I was looking for. All right. So the bottom line is Tesla was a smart dude. Mm-hmm definitely that's that's the main point we're trying to get at. Yeah. From your movie in our transporter talk. Yeah. So I found the movie name. It's the prestige, and I guarantee you, everybody listening to this, except for you already knew that. Well, apparently you did. If you've never seen that movie, here's the book recommendation for. For the podcast used to go watch that movie. Yeah. Scarlet Johansen's on. If that gets you to watch it. that might, yeah. Sure. I actually wasn't sure who the female lead was. It's been a long time since I watched it. I remember Michael Kane did a great job. David Bowie did a great job playing Tesla who better to play a crazy dude like Tesla than David Bowie. I don't know why David Bowie would be suited for that, but okay. Oh totally. He just exudes Tesla and of course it had Christian bale who was the British guy that was NOLA movies. I mentioned, I didn't know. Christian BELE was British. Really? You didn't know he no clue. No. Wow. Okay. I mean a lot like hug Laurie, a lot of people don't recognize that he's foreign, but you know, cuz you think of him with an American accent from house. So I don't, I mean, I don't care enough to follow up on actors and actresses and things like that. Mm. Have you ever watched Brian Laurie was a great TV show in, in the UK. Have you ever watched avenue five? No. So it's a, he it's about a space cruise ship and he's the captain and he's a bumbling idiot. No, it's got awful. I did watch it. It was horrible. Yeah. I mean it, yeah. Yeah. It's it. You like, you could tell, he just did it for the money. It it's bad enough that it's funny. it makes fun of itself. Yes. At least it tries to, but effectively he plays a guy with a fake British accent who was hired to play the captain. Yes. And he's assuming that everybody else is actually an actual crew member, but it turns out everybody in his crew is just an actor playing the crew people. And the ship is basically self running with just a small crew of support people that live in the basement that live in basement as they should. Yes. All the pretty people up top. There's the Trudy underneath mm-hmm yeah. I mean, everybody knows where the it is staffed. Exactly. Yeah. Have you tried turning it off and on again, you you've seen the, the it crowd, right? I literally just gave you a quote from that. Right. Mean if I've seen it, I'm just making, well that it's, that's a trope that's beyond just from that. Yes. I saw it live when it was first live. Okay. Funny show definitely got more I guess a popular as it became a meme. Well, I mean, it, it wasn't that great a show in, in its initial run. Well, it, because it was a clicky little BBC show that Americans weren't really aware of. No, not a very big budget. Yeah. Yeah. But it did, it, it was, it still had a, definitely a place in a lot of dude names, Ben Harts for definitely being close to reality, even though it exaggerated reality somewhat. Did you ever, I certainly exaggerated the the manner of upper management, but in the hilarious way in the, you, did you ever read user friendly? I don't think so. Oh, it was one of my favorite web comics. Oh my God. From back in the day, it was hilarious. Hmm. It was about an is P and it, it, I, I just identified with it so much. Hmm. So what else happened this week, gene? Well, I, you know, I was off the grid for a while here. So I'm not sure other than watching a lot of these. Oh yeah. So I mentioned the judge clearly biased, and I mentioned that the lawyers are it's, it's really hard to know what's gonna end up happen. I suspect they'll probably do an award big enough to bankrupt the company. Well, he's already declared bankruptcy. Okay. Well, they'll probably do a award big enough to bankrupt him then. Well, I mean, hopefully he's got enough outside of the actual free speech systems. I'll see, to be able to handle that. But yeah, but I think they're suing him both personally and as a company. Right. So he may very well be, well, whatever judgment they get podcast or will become a podcaster, like the rest of us. I mean, that's pretty much what he is anyway at this point. And except he's been a successful podcaster because he's also peddling a lot of supplements. Well, even before the supplement stuff and everything else, he was, you know, Alex, a pretty big operation there for quite a while. He was on the radio. He still is on a lot of radio stations. Yeah. What do they call that UHCs network or something like that? Yeah, no, I mean, but like he is what's, what's it called? When one radio station plays somebody from a different radio station syndicated, syndicated. Yeah. That's the word I was looking for. So yeah, he's been syndicated for a long time. Mm-hmm kinda like Michael Savage as well. And El Rumo who did it the best of anybody you liked fresh Limba. Yeah. You didn't like fresh limb. Oh my God. No, you're kidding. No, why? It's hilarious. The epitome of, you know, I mean, he, Russ limbal was for the Republicans as to what some of the democratic as Whoopi is to the Democrats. Anything that's Republican is good. Anything that's Democrat is bad. He was not a principal person. Oh, I don't know about that. No, I think he was I think that rush rebuilt the Republican party more than anybody else during his tenure in. So you think he was the dog wagging the tail of the G O P oh, there's no two ways about it for quite a while. I don't think that was the case in his last years by any stretch. But probably from about the mid, mid nineties to the mid two thousands, the G O P was very much following rush. Yeah. I mean, I, I mean, I, he was on the radio for pretty much all of my life, so I mm-hmm have listened to him quite a bit, but my perception was always that he was nothing but a talking talking points of the G O P and I'm not exactly aligned to the G O P. Well fair enough. But I, I think that he shifted the G O P to a more popular place, more than anybody else. Because his audience grew in a leading the popularity of the G O P. Yeah. And it could be that, you know, him getting out there and pushing these ideas, made them more popular and at least, you know, yes, I, I agree with that, that he was definitely out there politicizing and you know, doing the customer relations, if you will, or, you know, publicity for the G P yeah. To a large degree. I honestly think that we probably would not have the Republican party right now beyond a minority party status. Were it not for rush? Now you can argue and say that that would've been a good thing. Well, I, I think Newt Gingrich is the reason why the G O P had new ging E six has, has, and will give full credit to rush. Newt Gingrich was very much a friend and admirer of rush and rush was able to do things that politicians couldn't. Because he was not a politician. Well, and maybe so, but I, I will say that new Gingrich is anytime he's in the room, he's usually one of the smartest men, if not the smartest man in the room. So used to be, I you, are you saying he's cognitively declining? Yeah, absolutely. I think he has been for a while. Yeah. But definitely used to be the case. I, I very much agree with that, but rush was able to be in a lot of the same ways that Alex Jones was later to be the guy that could be outrageous and say things that no politician on the right would ever dare say. Yeah. So speaking of cognitive decline did you see that Biden had COVID I vaguely heard about it, but then they said he didn't and then they, he said, well, now he is tested positive again. Yeah. I, I mean, there's so much that you could say there, first of all, the tests are meaningless. They don't show Dick. Secondly, whether Biden has it or doesn't have it, it's also relevant. The guy's got bigger issues is my point. Thirdly, if he does have it, then. What are we gonna get stuck with the the laughing president now? Yeah, I, you know what, I, I think this could be a total excuse for I, I mean, there's a real danger in them giving her the presidency because she will lose to any Republican that runs against her. Maybe she'll get primary and truly, still wants to be the first female president. We know that. Yeah. Well, all I can say is they, Biden has declined to the point and some of the gaffs he's had lately, they they've gotta do something, man. The, the Democrats have to do something Biden has to, you know, I guess part of it could be just let him take the hit and then, you know, if he makes it through his entire term, you know, he steps aside. Yeah. Let someone else run, but he's gotta, yeah. He's still back and forth on whether or not he's gonna run again. Yeah. He'll, he'll just read whatever they write on the little cards for him. You say that, but I mean, he's made arguments recently that even though a majority of Democrats don't want him to run again, they they'll push something into him and make, I, I'm not worried about him doing something. They don't want him to do. He's he's a puppet. He's just a sock puppet. Obama's the one pulling the strings. And I think Hillary is the one trying to get into power and pull that back away from Obama. I don't disagree, but I think he is. Cognitively declining to the point where they don't have as good a control over him as they would like that could be, but they could also, if he ever comes to it, they could definitely pull the string in him and he'll just have you know, an aneurysm and be dead. I don't think they want him walking. SL I don't think they want him walking around and talking about things. So his only way out is death. Again, they're giving impacts. Lovit right now. they're doing what now they're giving him PAXs Lovit as a treatment for, COVID. I don't know what PAXs Lovit is. Oh, you should look it up, but there's been a lot of safety concerns over it. Mm. Yeah. And the rebound effect that it has and people having worse symptoms after and lots of things. Well, there you go. So it could happen. I know Hillary would be very pissed with a lot of Democrats. If, if the, the, the laughing joke box ends up becoming the first female president. Well, but Hillary could still run and be the first female elected president. I don't think that's enough for her. Well, I mean, she's not going to get the elected president, man. It's done. Eh, she could, they got Biden in there. You think it'd be harder to put the Hillary in than, yeah. Yeah. I think I, I think a lot of people. Didn't find Biden, very objectionable. First of all, Biden didn't have much of a legislative career that, where he got anything done other than the crime bill, which ended up getting swept under the rug. But, well, he was a against the the equal rights amendment. He was also supportive of the he to Clarence Thomas. Yep. Yep, exactly. Yep. No, he's, he's been a racist and the you know, anti-feminist for most of his career. I mean, he's been wherever the democratic party has been at the time and he's been, unfortunately enough for him. He's been in there long enough to be anti segregation or not anti or pro segregation. There we go. Not anti yeah, definitely pro segregation anti bussing and everything else, which yep. You know, I, I don't think busing is a great idea and I, well, I'll tell you, I met somebody this weekend. That was a product of inner city, Los Angeles bus to the valley school system and became a very successful lawyer. And definitely, you know, thinks that that was what, what made the difference for her was. Seeing how other people lived and motivating her to do likewise. And, you know, I think that's where sports and things like that can help that motivation and help you see. But what I would say is why would you bus people to other schools and doing this, that, and the other, instead of just making sure the community has the best school it can possibly have, but I would say get rid of all the schools and, you know, leave it up to the parents to educate their children. Yeah. Yeah. And I don't disagree with you and principal on that, but I'm just saying, I think there are some success stories that have come out of the yeah. And bust situation. I think it also hurt the communities, you know, cuz the communities didn't have a school that they could take pride in. And anyway, I, I don't, I think there was good and bad that came of it. Yeah. I think nothing's perfect. I mean, what it comes down to is an admittance of the fact that look, our schools here are fucked up. We don't want the kids to have to go to fucked up schools. We can't fix them. The only thing we can do is redistribute the kids to go to better schools elsewhere. Well, it wasn't about the better schools. It was about forced integration. Well, yes, but that's the end result. Is kids going to better schools? Right. And again, I, it, it, regardless I would say fix the schools, but anyway, I I'm not for forced segregation or integration either way, you know, I think. Just leave people alone, you know? Yeah. Well, and speaking of leaving people alone, so I posted a couple of videos of police scams. Yeah. I saw some of those saw, did you watch any of that? Yeah. Some, yeah. Yeah. There's a few of 'em. I just randomly ended up getting recommended on YouTube and watching and the central theme is the same and this is why while it may even be surprising to some people, but I totally agree with the whole defund, the police thing, because mm-hmm, watching a lot of these body cam videos demonstrates the attitudes that are exhibited by police, which are universal, any town USA. And I know you have your like, you know, officer friendly kind of thing going on. Cuz you actually oh, look at that. The recording stopped automatically. Oh, in script. Yep. Get old the script. Once again it said it stopped. Well, look at how much that is later, but one hour, 16 minutes. So that's 75 minutes just like it used to be. That's hilarious. All right. Anyway, the the bottom line is police. I think maybe are trained for this, which is why that similarity exists in any department in the us, but. They, they have to escalate in their minds. Anytime a citizen is not complying with any particular request made by them. Mm-hmm they don't see the non-compliance as ever being legitimate testified. If I told you to move from here to there, you either listen to me, or you're gonna be in jail. If I ask you for your driver's license, you either gimme your driver's license or you're gonna be in jail and every time, and this is, this is the sort of the tell on all this stuff, because every time they don't have a legitimate cause for arresting somebody, it's always interfering with police work. Yep. Have you ever watched the YouTube channel audit the audit? Oh yeah. I used to watch those all the time before there was more interesting news about Ukraine. Yeah. The audit, the audit channel is fantastic. Mm-hmm it's enough to, yeah. That's the guy, anybody off it's the guy that, that watches videos of, of the auditors and then comments on them. Mm-hmm and for anyone not familiar, an auditor is someone who is recording a police encounter and trying to make sure that their rights are upheld. Yeah. Or anyone who's running a device for the church of Scientology to check the E meter readings. have, have you lowered yours yet? Gene? Yeah. Yeah, no, I haven't gotten to practicing Fayton by any stretch, but I, I definitely have improved, you know, I, that why'd you ask would you like to know more? the fact that Hineline lost that one is just still stunning to me lost in which manner, which about who could create a religion. Oh, right, right, right, right. Yeah. Yeah. Scientology one out over stranger and strange line. Yes. Yes. Which is too bad because I mean, if you don't gro it, I just don't get it. Well there. Yeah. I think there are fewer people that know that terminology than Scientology, these, which is, which is insane. I think the, any religion, in fact, I would say every religion and it's foundation has to incorporate a lot of very culty behaviors. That is one of the, the keys to growth of the religion. Mm. I, I don't know about that, but I might be, we should, we should do an episode specifically on that topic. We can run through all the major religions of the world. I'm pretty confident I can point to. In their initial phases of similar behaviors. Okay. Well, I sure, but I would say if you take a modern evangelical Christian or even a modern non-denominational Christian, or, you know, someone like myself, I, I don't think I exhibit those behaviors. What are you starting a new religion, which is literally what I said. This is about, you said you could say it about any religion. Yeah. I could say it about preface. I did. I said the foundations of any religion contains we more than happy to play back the transcript here, except these scripts not working will once we download the files and stick in that every religion in its origins exhibits, the same culty behaviors. Mm. Same thing as Scientology. Same thing with Christianity, same thing with Islam, same thing with Judaism. I'd have to dig a little more into Hinduism just cuz I'm not as versed in that. I, I, everyone needs to immediately go watch the south park episodes about Scientology. Yeah. Or yeah. Mormonism, same thing. Yeah. Because you need to have true believers. If you don't have true believers, when you start the religion, you're not gonna end up with a religion a hundred years. Yeah, well, the Scientology definitely has its believers. Yeah. And stuff. They believe that they Scientology by tax fraud. Yeah. Well, and there's definitely aspects of Scientology that I totally agree with. I mean, they're, they're, they're disdain for psychology. Mm-hmm, totally in agreement with now. Why do you have a disdain for psychology? Because it's not a solution to people's problems. It is an analysis tool. It's a hundred percent degree. Yeah. And, and the way it's applied, certainly in this country and in most of the west is as a an aid to the ego to be able to transition past psychological problems. So of people's own making. Yeah. I, I think that psychology has a place. And I would say that I like placing. I, I would say that I like psychologists a lot more than psychiatrists. You know, I, I think that, why, why do you think that because one can push pills and one can't I, I think a lot of people misunderstand, you know, you know, people suffer from depression. Well, look at your life. Do you have anything to be depressed about? Sometimes that is a normal reaction, just like anger and happiness and everything else. You're a human, you are supposed to have emotions. Right? So sometimes getting mad is the right answer. Sometimes being sad is the right answer. Do something about it. Do you often get sad? Yes. Jean whenever I'm not talking to you, it's just unbearable. Mm-hmm mm-hmm you know, there's a there's a set of pills that I've recently found out about that might be able to help with that problem. Yes. Yeah. Yes. You know, and a lot of the studies that they're finding now is that you know, the depression as a chemical imbalance in the brain really, isn't a thing they're, mm-hmm, you know, they don't even understand really why at this point, SSRIs work the way they work. There's lots of things you're literally right now quoting Scientology by the way. Okay. Literally word for word at the basis of every good lie is a better truth from, from 22 years ago. Okay. All I know. And, and, you know, people self-medicate all the time in different ways and it it's all good. I just, I think we are overmedicated as a society is my problem. No, I agree with you. I think that chemist, you know, better living through chemistry sounds cool. But ultimately all you're doing is you're masking millions of years of evolutionary responses to stimulus your body is meant to feel bad when certain things happen. When you, when you behave in certain ways, like this is a biofeedback loop. If you didn't feel bad, you would be a psychopath. And that's what we're doing is we're essentially saying, yeah, you know, these mechanisms that have been in place for millennia and in fact, millions of years that are a result of, of survival of the people that had 'em and the death of those who didn't. Maybe we're just gonna decide they're not good after all, and we're gonna block 'em and we're gonna just have everybody become slightly more psychopathic. Yeah. I mean, all you have to do is look at the, the prescriptions that a lot of the mass shooters are taking. Mm-hmm I, I, I think a lot of people do a lot of damage to their ability to be empathetic. Yeah. Again, Psychopaths. Yeah. Well, and you know, psychopaths are generally around 3% of the population, true psychopaths mm-hmm And that it's, it's interesting cuz as soon as they, they become too many of them, it it's always seems to stay. It seems to stay at the same level throughout history. But anyway, I don't know, man. I, I, I, I think when I think of better living through chemistry, I think of having a beer or drinking a cup of coffee mm-hmm you know, and I, I, it's not that I don't think that drugs have a place and time, you know, if I break my leg for love of God, give me some painkillers, but you know, I just, I think pharmaceutical companies have gone too far. Well, how would you know, not to break your leg again, if you don't feel the pain or, you know, ignored it and walked on it or did anything else mm-hmm yeah, so I don't think pain is bad. I think pain is good. And it's something that tells you that you're experiencing an abnormality within your body. Mm-hmm well, physical and psychological, you know, Both abnormalities. Yes. Just like happiness. Happiness is an abnormality, you know? Yeah. People are constantly trying to be happy. Happy, happy. Yeah. Well, happiness is fleeting and temporary. You have to understand that in general because happiness generally dulls the senses and prevents you from being engaged in things that could be warranting your attention. Yeah. I won't overly happy. You tend to get lost in that happiness and ignore the consequences of things that are happening around you. Yeah. I won't go so far as to say happiness is bad, but what I would say is that it, it's not the end all be all and shouldn't be chased, meaning and contentment are, you know, are, are, should be hopefully where your steady state is. And occasionally you'll be sad and occasionally you'll be happy. Yeah, you will be occasionally, but I don't. I mean, you're not really disagreeing with me. I don't think well, just to say that I wouldn't say that it's necessarily bad. Well, happiness is just as bad as sadness. Okay. I mean, they're both states of being that are not the one where you are the most effective in your mental facilities. They shift focus. Yeah. But hopefully appropriately, like happiness is a reward system and sadness is, you know, punishment. So yeah, you did something good. Yay. No, you're doing it wrong. Do something different. Yeah. You know exactly. But while you're in that happy state, you're, you're probably no longer doing good. There was a there was a guy that is a I don't know if he's a world record holder or just somebody that does this, but I do think he competes in that he, he can solve a rub cube blindfolded. And I think one of his sort of notables noble skills was that he can he can do solve 30 rubrics cubes while blindfolded from random positions to be fully standardized. With each face being the same color mm-hmm in. I can't remember how long in like 10 minutes or 15 minutes or some crazy short amount of time, blindfolded, mind you. And how does he know when he is done? I don't cause he's memorized. The moves required. I don't have that ability. So I can't tell you how he does it, but it's, it's something he does. And so he worked for a a hedge fund manager that I hung out with last weekend. And he's got a bunch of these sort of quant people. Mm-hmm they all have PhDs, they're all highly, highly mathematical types with some quirks and, and he was telling how he was talking to this guy and Hey, have you ever been on a date? And the guy said, no And he says, well, you know, you, you know, you can, you could have fun with girls too. And like for example, you could, you probably meet some girl that likes to solve Rubik cubes as well. Wouldn't that be fun to do? And the guy's thought about for a little while and says that would be a distraction and he's absolutely right. You're kind of guy, he's my kind of guy exactly, because you have to admit that it may make you feel good. You might feel happy doing something with an attractive female and that attraction doesn't have to be physical. It could be somebody that does rub Rubic cubes really well, for example or, or it could be physical, but. That distraction will absolutely slow you down in solving those rubs cubes. Yeah. Well, I'd rather be human interaction of any kind would slow you down. So do you want to optimize to one repetitive task like that? Or do you want to have a social life and you know, everything else? So I don't know exactly. I exactly man, I I definitely see it as a, as a needed thing. Yeah. That's cuz you're genetically programmed for that to be the case, but intellectually it is definitely not. We, we have, here's the difference to reproduce? I, I have reproduced. Yeah. I bet you that guy doesn't so absolutely not. No, that's totally the case. And I think that that drive to reproduce is one of the strongest drives that exists and is one of the hardest things to overcome because you can't intellectualize your way out of it. It's just there. It just exists. It's a chemical reaction that is manufactured by again, millions of years of evolution, in fact, billion years of evolution because it, it exists in every light form that reproduces which. I'm not aware of any life form that doesn't reproduce. That's still alive after a billion years. So are, you've got your routing where you can play clips, right? Yeah. Can you you have a clip for me to play? Yeah. That that ad I sent I sent you in, you sent it in what? In zer or in? I, I can, but no, it, that would be the quickest cuz then it's just a quick click and it's gonna play. Okay. We'll keep talking and I'll do that. Boy. What would I talk about anyway, I'm not making an argument for being a monk or living in monk lifestyle. I think that there's definitely some downsides to not satisfying Cardinal desires. Well, and we, but I think that understanding where those desires come from and having a greater control over them than the average person allows people to do things that most others can't. Yeah. The one thing I would say is the, you know, people who repress stuff that gets real dangerous real quick. I'd say if you're denying them, that's true. But if you understand what it is and you just simply exhibit control over them, that's different. I wanna see if my routing works. Okay. Oh, it should. I still haven't gotten linked, but oh, that's cuz I'm testing it on my side first. Oh, okay. All right. Here we go. Did you hear that? Nope. We got nothing. Dammit. Okay. I'll send you, I'm happy to test this with you at some point after the podcast. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We will. You know? Yeah. We've had enough interruptions for the first thing we need to do is just reset all your settings and then go from there. Let's not do that. can I enjoy that? So, this was a ad that played on TV this morning and it kind do you want me to family with the transgender kid here we are. So it's showing up. Max loves to do back. Flips. Max loves to play his ukulele. Max loves to just be a kid and just be himself. When I found out I was pregnant, all I really wanted was a happy, healthy whole child. And that's what I got. If you've never met a transgender child before, what I want you to know is that that child is no different than yours. They have the same hopes and dreams and deserve the same equality as your child. Does. We tell our kids as often as we can, that we love them in as many ways as possible. There are some politicians who are trying to tear my family apart simply because my son is transgender. Trans kids don't have a political agenda. They are just kids. They just wanna be left alone. My family's just like yours. We love our kids unconditionally and we will never stop fighting for them. Stand with us, protect our families. So the, I assume you have a comment for this. Yeah. So the, the, the, the trans kid in this is a teenage female who has transitioned to male and, you know, historically presenting as male. Right. Presenting as male, historically. That's just not a thing it's fairly recently that, you know, gender DYS dysphoria, and it's very, very small. And now it's the majority of transitioners at this point are female, which is stunning. So historically not a thing, I mean, less than one, 2% of all those, that transition thing. Just not much of it. I mean, buck angel. Right, right. And yeah. Transitioned like 30 years ago. Right. But here, here's the thing, social contagion. And, you know, this goes back to psychology and everything else. Yeah. I, I really think there are a lot of girls that are being manipulated into this. And all we see is stuff like this, that highlights. Oh, look, isn't it. Wonderful. And everything else, you never heard the de transition stories or anything. I agree with that. And then incidentally, bunk angel, if somebody doesn't know, was a female to male transition back in the nineties, I believe. That was fairly unusual. I totally agree with you that there's a small number of 'em, but it's not say that it's never happened until now. Yeah, it, it was just a, a small limited number. Buck is very much against kids transitioning. Yep. Buck described and thinks there should be lots of therapy before you do it. Absolutely considers well, first of all, buck calls himself a transsexual, not a transgender, which is absolutely accurate because his goal was to change sex, not to change somebody's mind about who he is. Mm-hmm right. And incidentally, if I don't know if you've ever seen a photo of buck as a girl. Mm-hmm he was a model I mean, attractive female, absolutely interesting, absolutely attractive. And I've met buck a number of times. I've got pictures with him and stuff because I really think that there's a there's a, a very intelligent and really, I don't know any other way to describe it, but like, like a really good dude underneath there, like he's logical. He makes sense. He talks about all the negatives. He talks about his experience and what it meant. He, he. Fully agrees as does Blair white instantly that he has a psychological disease. He has a problem mm-hmm and that this was not you know, something that is like, well, I was just a girl that was born. It was like, no, my brain was screwed up because it didn't coincide with the body that I was in. And this was the solution for me to not feel miserable 24 7, and want to commit suicide. Yeah. And you know, my problem is that these teens are going through and sterilizing themselves in many cases. Yeah. As a child and, you know, as someone who, you know, maybe as they got through adolescence, would've transitioned out of that. And. I think we're, I think this is child abuse. I think any family that has a teenage child that wants to transition and you say, look, I love you. I, you can present, you can do whatever you want, but we're not in you on hormones. We're not doing anything well until you're an adult. So, yeah. So to clarify that, be a little bit of a devil advocate. So you, you don't have any problem with some girl dressing as a boy. I don't give a crack cutting her hair. You know, I, I think it's weird. I think it should be thought of as, yeah. A tomboy is one thing, but you know, oh, call me call me Jack and I'm gonna try and suppress my voice or mm-hmm if I decided you, I mean, okay, look, there are some people who are gender dysphoric. That is a real thing. Yeah, cool. They should have therapy. They should go through, they should try and do lots of different things before you go to surgery as an adult. Absolutely. I think you can do whatever the hell you want. I don't care. Right. But I, I think the parents and what this commercial was trying to do was show a family and loving household and everything else. Well, I, I think those parents are mentally ill themselves and I, I, I feel really, I, I hope that child is truly gender dysphoric and they're making the right call, but I don't think they know that well, that child particular one is an actress, cuz I've, I've seen that in other things. But I guess her, him, I don't know whichever, but I mean at that age, right, mm-hmm Even with chemicals that still looks like a girl to me, just a girl dressed in boy clothes. Mm-hmm because there there's no distinguishing female markers when you're under puberty, like, well, and you don't see the, the big tits and the hips that are trying to be hidden to dress like a boy, because all kids are fairly neutral until puberty. Yeah. And look, I'm not trying to disparage anyone or anything like that, but this ad to me and bringing in politicians and everything else. So it's a very, first of all, it's a political ad and oh yeah. You know, I, first of all, I think this is gonna fall flat as a political ad. I think this is actually everybody everybody's stock about on the right right now. Yeah. I've seen this in the number of different places that people are talking about it. So that's kind of my back. It may not fall flat. It make backfire. Yeah. I don't think it's going to get the the response that they wanted now, if they would've left that out, mm-hmm you know, maybe said, oh, look how normal this is. And so on. Then I maybe that would move the Overton window. But yeah, I, I think they have shot past the Overton window and there's gonna be a backlash at some point. It's interesting because that's one perspective, right? Another one is, this is just one of the calculated series of steps to shift Overton window. Because you keep pushing it further and further. And everybody's like, oh my God, people see right through this. This is, this is ridiculous. But then five years goes by, and this is now considered normal. And the Overton windows shifted to a point where, you know, like, well, what's wrong with like brothers and sisters having sex. There's nothing wrong there. It's just an old archetype that we seem to have for no good reason. It's not like they're gonna have kids. Right. They're they're using protection. Why wouldn't siblings have sex? And don't take this outta context. I'm just using it as an example. Yeah. Right. I'm not making the argument for game of Thrones, but that's, and I can CCB editing the audio right now saying yeah, yeah, exactly. Right. It's like, aha. That damn Russian spy said this. But seriously, I mean like that, that is another taboo that clearly right now is getting pushed. I haven't seen that one getting pushed, but, well, you don't watch enough porn apparently, because I can tell you as somebody who does watch porn, the, I just don't want that kind of porn gene. Yeah. You think you don't the appearance of of brother, sister taboo stuff in porn, went from a couple of movies a year being made with that topic. To right now being a good, 30% of the porn being created is what what's called the family porn. Yeah. It's stepsister with stepfather. Stepson was stepmother. Stepsister was stepbrother. Like they're still throwing the step in there, but it's all wink, wink, nudge, nudge, because it's, it's a category that is absolutely blowing up in the same way that cockled porn was blowing up about 6, 7, 8 years ago. Yeah. And definitely I think porn is used to push things or you could say that it follows trends that already existed, you know, but I would look, they're the money making business being pushed. They're they're gonna create the content that people want to consume. Well, you say that, but so is Disney ostensibly porn, Disney porn. Absolutely. Well, but no, no. What I'm saying though, is Disney pushes an agenda. Oh, I thought you were talking about Disney porn. Well, there's that too, but no, what I'm saying is there's a whole category too, of people that like to be in Disney character when they have sex. Yeah. So entertainment is generally supposed to be a moneymaking business. Yeah. But the fact of the matter is Hollywood, the porn industry, all that is pushing an agenda. You know, that, that, I don't think that's too controversial to say. I don't think that they're following the trends. I think that they're pushing them. I think more so for Hollywood than the porn industry, the porn industry is more about the. I think that the porn industry will explore every possible kink that can be imagined to test whether or not it generates money. So I think you will have everything from midget tossing to, you know, pasta tossing and everything in between including salad tossing, but you're gonna end up with them producing more movies that more people want to pay for who pays for porn. I know. And it's funny, cuz I, I tend to be on the same side as you because it it's an insane amount of free porn out there, but all that free porn, unlike the free porn that existed a decade or two ago, which was predominantly stolen porn from pay sites right now, all that free porn is produced by the pay sites as a form of advertising because all of it is a, it it's, it's a set of clips from full movies and who's sitting there watching full movies. You'd be surprised. Why do you think only fans is generating the top, the top people and only fans right now are making 50 million a year. Okay. About, yeah. And, and it's about 4 million a month. Why because people want that connection. And that's why watching a full hour and a half long movie creates a bigger connection than watching a five minute clip, even though, as a guy, you know that a five minute clip is all you need. am I always go for the over 10, but sure. Not, not when I have to please anybody. There's no point it's a waste of time. Eh, anyway, I, you know, I don't know. I I'm, this is you're depressing me. You're depressing me, Jamie. Oh my God. I'm depressing. You okay. People need to get out of their houses and go make human connections. Yeah. People should. But I'm just kind of calling out what, what is out there right now? So what, how we get on this topic is simply saying that you think that this commercial that we just played mm-hmm is outside of the Overton window. It's gonna backfire. And I don't disagree with you on that. However, I think there may be a plan in the works here where there's a push further and further as the years go on in order to, well, there already has been that focus. Yeah. I mean, there already has been, I mean, it's well, like we've certainly seen it with the. The normalization of the, at this point, the old fashioned standard gauge agenda, right? The, the men and men and women and women getting married, like that's not a thing. Anybody really even pushes back at it. All who cares? Let 'em do it there else. Who gives a shit, I forget her name, but she was recently on McKayla Peterson's podcast. Mm-hmm this woman has been, you know, tagged as a turf and yeah. The lesbian chick. Yeah. Yeah. And she's telling she flat out said that you know, had she known that, you know, their agenda would've led to this, that she would've done it. Yeah. Yeah, no, I, I, she was on a couple other shows as well, but yeah, she is like a lot of, she, like, she's basically saying lesbians at this point are getting pushed out of the L G B T. Yeah. And quite frankly, they are because of you know, cause they, that already happened to the, the, because they like a, yeah. And, and what she, I don't know what she said on McKay's show, but on the other show she was on, she literally said, when I asked like, well, what's your problem with the transgender women mm-hmm and she says, well, it, you know, it's the same thing that why I always been a lesbian. I don't wanna suck Dick. Yeah. And it's like, that's, if she wants to pretend that men that dress as women are women. Whether or not, they take hormones. That would mean that as a lesbian dating other women, she would be dating occasionally trans women. Otherwise she's a turf. She doesn't date them. Which, and if she dated other women trans, trans exclusionary feminist, by the way. Yeah, exactly. And if she didn't date them, that's what she'd be labeled. But if she did that means that she would have to have non lesbian sex, which is not something she wants, that she wanted, that she would've been straight So it's, it's the weirdest, I mean, that's the thing is that like the, the current movement of huge transgender activism and number of people getting pulled into it, I think is breaking feminism. It's breaking traditional homosexuality. if we can call it that it's breaking all these things, because what it's saying is that the thing that you originally differentiated yourself on, like, if you're a dude and you like other dudes and you like sucking cock, well guess you're gay. Well, not anymore because the dude that you might be dating is now a birthing person. Who's a dude. Oh, with Alka. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's, it just makes you shake your heads, which again, whatever people want to do as adults, that's fine. When you bring, you know, adults wanting to do whatever adults wanna do with other adults, a problem with yes. It's. Yeah. Very fair point. That should be said with other adults. Yeah. I think it unfortunately has to be said. Yeah. Well, I mean, you know, the fact that the term maps exist minor attracted persons is just astonishing. Mm-hmm that's called a pedophile and, you know, Nala used to have a you know, a saying before eight, never straight national association of man boy love. Yeah. So they, they Naula had a stated thing of before eight, never straight meaning if they could get ahold of kids and mm-hmm you know, anyway, so that, well, and that's probably true because before that neutral, that makes me think of all this trans stuff going on. This, this ad that we just played on the show mm-hmm, where they're trying to normalize it pre pubescence. Yeah. And it's just, no, your brain's not fully formed. You can't make that decision. You just can't. They have to admit the truth, which is it's not the child. Making the decision to be of the opposite sex in whatever form or partial form that represents. It's the parents thinking that, you know, our kid would look really cute as a girl or as a boy. Well, and maybe not, maybe, maybe the parents really have bought into this or think that they're doing right by their child. I'm not going to assume. And maybe their child really is gender dysphoric, and this is the path they're gonna go on. I'm I'm not gonna assume. But what I would say is, I think we are getting to a place where if a parent didn't go this route, what is CPS gonna say? Mm-hmm so if you know, one of my kids decides they wanna transition in a few years or something, and I say, well, fuck that shit. Okay. We're we're not doing that. I'm not gonna put you on hormone blockers. What's CPS gonna do. And CPS in the us is child protective services. Yeah, exactly. They'll come and take your guns away. That's what they're gonna do. Cause you're clearly a danger to yourself and others. Yeah. Well it's astonishing. Yeah. I think that well look, the only way they're gonna do that is if your wife cooperates with them I, I think that. The idea, whether you're, you're saying, well, look, I'm just listening to my child. I'm doing what I think the child wants, or whether you think the behavior I'm observing is clearly of the opposite sex. And therefore I'm going to change the kids' gender for their sake to better align with their behavior. Both of those are not decisions you should be allowed to make as a parent. Yeah. I, I mean, it's one thing to, to teach a child skills and to help them learn behavior. It's another thing to change the chemistry of your child. Well, and to be clear, we're seeing lots of long term issues bone density, lots of things, and you know, permanent sterilization, right. Puberty blockers goes along with the agenda. Doesn't it from the elites. It really does. Let's have a whole generation of non reproductive humans out there. Yeah. We'll get under that 500 million mark pretty quick. Well, I, if you've seen one of the other posts that I made, which talked about the the increase in mortality and the decrease in childbirth rates, we're not gonna be we won't have to work all that hard to. Now some countries are experiencing a 20% combined difference in the decrease in childbirth, combined with an increase in deaths. Yeah. The, the, you know, that's, it's interesting because we saw no excess mortality, no excess mortality, no excess mortality. Yeah. Well now there's point of COVID and yeah. And yeah, I'll tell you 20% Delta in one year time. Is that gonna take all that long to hit a 500 million? Well, it, yeah, globally. Mm-hmm, it's man, it's we live in interesting times between, and, and maybe that's Russia. Maybe that's a good thing. State of world affairs, you know, I mean, I don't like somebody imposing that, but let's just say if it wasn't for the imposition, what if, what if everybody just agreed and said, yeah, 500 million is appropriate. Let's just voluntarily not have kids. Would that be so bad? Well, you know it, so one of the things that I think is astonishing outcome of Roe V. Wade is the decision around Roe V. Wade is the increase of men getting vasectomies mm-hmm and you know, them being told it's oh, it's reversible. It's irreversible it's reversible. Yeah. Well, not always. And do you wanna, you definitely change your, you hormonal balances. I, I, I know John's theory about men looking like old lesbians after a while. I, I fully am in agreement with him on that. And I, we, we know some of the same people. Cool. He references. So I don't think Brushwood changed his appearance too much yet, so, yes. Okay. yeah, I knew him before the vasectomy and I, I know him after and there's definitely a change. I'm sorry, Brian. Mm-hmm yeah. Anyway yeah, I, I, I don't think he has to shave anymore. okay. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Oh, man. I, I, I hope that gets back to him. Oh, I hope it does too. Cuz maybe I'll finally be on his show again that we talked about half a year ago that he just. Forgot about. Yeah. Well, anyway, regardless, I, I think in the us, at least we're seeing a massive increase in the number of people who are not going to be able to reproduce, which is yeah. If it's their choice then fine. I have no problem with people castrating themselves. Yeah. I, I just, I, I, I know some people personally who a cousin of mine that, well, anyway, let's just say, yeah, let's not that anybody here, let's just say they are very happy. They did not go through with what they were thinking as a teenager. They wanted to. Yeah, no, I think I think that when you're, when you're first experiencing a lot of hormones after puberty, that everybody, or virtually everybody, maybe it's not a hundred percent, but most people go through very tumultuous and self questioning times on a lot of different topics, not necessarily their sexuality, but maybe, you know, it's, it's, it's whether they're good or bad or what group they belong to or how they should look in their appearance, how their parents perceive them, how their friends perceive them, how their opposite sex perceive them, how the same sex perceive them. All these thoughts are just flushing through bodies that are not used to having hormones flowing through. And what was totally normal when you were playing with toys at nine years old, all of a sudden just starts becoming confusing and has connotations of a lot of other things as you're getting older, you know, there's a lot of self-doubt that pops up in teenagers. That's a, that's a commonality across both sexes, the way that they deal with it is different for boys and girls. Your world's being upended. Your body is completely changing. Everything's ha so of course you're gonna, and you're starting your path to really realizing your Senti because as I've argued in the past, I, I just don't think kids are sentient But an octopus is hell yeah, absolutely. and they've recently discovered the, I, I need to find their article, but they've discovered a, a commonality between human brains and octopus brains in terms of the neurotransmitters that don't exist in any other mammals, but they exist in octopus, in humans. Yeah. Yeah. Interesting. Well, anyway, regardless to say, and we can probably wrap up on this. Yes. KA Hulu is probably an octopus of some kind. Well, we know that he was a hybrid human octopus hybrid. Hmm, that must have been a Russian experiment from world war II. Everything to you is a Russian experiment from world war II. But I will say a lot of the drugs that were at this event that I went to mm-hmm not really FDA approved drugs, but they, a lot of 'em came from Russia. Yeah. Well, you know, in it's patentable little vials, mm-hmm it's not, if it's not something you can patent, we're not interested in, in the west. Yeah. So, well, FDA is run by the drug companies. That's not, that's not an opinion. That's just fact. Well, and people go from the FDA to it's a revolving door back and forth, back and forth. Yep. Which is just unfortunate. But this is, I mean, this quite frankly, this is why the FDA just shouldn't exist. Shouldn't exist. Totally agree. Should not exist. Government has no business running the FDA. No. Now, if you want to have a consumer report, you know, that's a group that people trust to do, you know, studies on the private market side then. Cool. Mm-hmm but you know, I, I don't know you, but the drug companies are so unethical and I, I think of the safety testing that hasn't happened with the COVID vaccines and you know, it wouldn't have happened if there wasn't an FDA either. So I don't. Leaving it up to the companies themselves is dangerous, but also also leaving it up to the consumers is also dangerous because consumers are too stupid on average to even bother checking on what kind of testing was done. Yeah. And, you know, caveat IOR. I I'm, that's the fastest way to 500 million right there. I tour. Yeah. I, I I'm, I'm good with that as a first principle and a founding principle, but there, you know, there has to be a functional society behind it. Otherwise it doesn't work well, there will be Mars, hopefully.